Yale Keyless Entry

Yale Key Free

Window Tech North East are now available with the keyfree lock from Yale. Keyfree is the very latest in door security from Yale, and combines peace of mind with convenience by allowing you to access and protect your property without a key.

Whether you use the remote control like your car, or enter your own 4-12 digit code into the built-in keypage, Yale keyfree couldnt be easier to use - and because it's brought to you by Yale, you know it's technology you can trust.

With Yale Keyfree everything's covered. The unit is powered by it's own batteries - so even if the power fails it still works, its backed up an override key for emergencies and unless you ask it not to, will even talk to you as you use it!

No more lost keys, no more rummaging in your bag and no more cutting keys for visitors - Yale Keyfree is the perfect way to make your new door complete.

Make sure your new Window Tech composite door is fitted with Keyfree - and unlock the next generation in home security from Yale & Window Tech.

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